Public Administration

A comprehensive solution for managing your employees’ education gives you an overview of their knowledge, skills and training in one place, saving you time and money.


Zpřístupnění služby Vašim klientům kdykoli, rychle a pohodlně prostřednictvím uživatelsky přívětivého internetového portálu. Ušetřete čas a náklady zjednodušením přístupu do elektronické schránky bez použití eID karty.

The SDP (Traffic Offence Administration) is a unified system designated for the work of police and administrative bodies. It places maximum stress on ensuring that offence processing is user-friendly and as efficient as possible. The system can be interconnected with any measuring device on the market.

Gain control over your documents and manage your documents and/or processes related more effectively.  Wide portfolio of ICZ products will liberate you from the burden of documents for ever.

Pursuant to a contract with the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic as the competent authority in EU Emission Trading Scheme matters, the company of ICZ Slovakia acts as the National Administrator for Slovakia since January 1, 2013.