Since its beginnings, the ICZ Group has supported various socially beneficial/ charitable, cultural and educational activities. Over the time of ICZ’s existence, the total sum of money donated to charitable and socially beneficial causes is really enormous; it sums up to millions of Czech crowns. In 2013, ICZ was one of the three finalists for the VIA BONA award for philanthropy. To be able to carry out its charitable activities systematically, ICZ created the ICZ ENDOWMENT FUND in 2016.

Its most important deed is the annual charitable auction ArtForum. It has been held every year since 1998, and throughout the years, its yield has been donated to various entities from the healthcare and social welfare sectors. Furthermore, ICZ is a long-lasting partner of Czech PEN Club, which is a partner of selected music, theatre, film and literary exhibitions and festivals every year, as well as of some schools and educational centres.

The primary task of the ICZ ENDOWMENT FUND is to support the charitable activities and goals of public interest, such as assistance to disabled people and children in particular or support to the development of culture, science, and education. By creating the ICZ ENDOWMENT FUND, the ICZ Group has ranked among the most advanced, socially responsible business entities in both the Czech Republic and the European Union.