A comprehensive solution for managing your employees’ education gives you an overview of their knowledge, skills and training in one place, saving you time and money.

Aim/purpose of the solution, who it is good for

The e-learning system will be appreciated primarily by companies putting emphasis on the systematic education of employees. It is an ideal solution, for example, for companies with a large business network with regional offices. It is also helpful to businesses that often have to train their employees on the new products or services.

Features, characteristics, and funcionality of the solution

The e-learning system enables the creation of e-learning courses, the management of education, and the follow-up feedback from the student to the teacher. Courses and tests can be tailored to suit your needs. With combinations of text, animations, graphics, audio, video and other interactive elements, you can easily increase the interest and activity of the student.
The system is built on client-server technology and fully supports deployment in the Internet or intranet environment. It is independent of a particular operating system or database and can be easily integrated into the existing IT environment of the organization.

Additional information, summary

E-learning saves your costs and gives your employees time and space flexibility. Thanks to the e-learning system, you can give your employees enough time to study, in addition when it suits them most. System allows you to create your own training programs, to automatically evaluate the past tests, and to generate reports from the learning process, which you can then use in other applications.

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