Electronic Filing and Forms

Ensure your service is accessible to your clients quickly and comfortably at any time via a user-friendly internet portal. Save time and costs by simplifying access to the electronic mailbox without using an eID card. 

UPVS adaptor

With iPoint smart electronic forms, you will improve the availability and efficiency of your services. In addition, your clients will communicate with your organisation quickly and effectively via an internet portal and have an intuitive overview of the filings they have made.
By using iPoint from ICZ Slovakia, you will cover the whole lifecycle of the preparation and operation of electronic forms; if needed, you can publish your services on the Central Government Portal (UPVS).

Features, characteristics, and funcionality of the solution

These solutions covering electronic filing and forms meet the highest expectations with regard to their functionality, usefulness, sustainability, and stability. They have been developed using open standards and can be easily integrated into an environment based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform. Furthermore, the user-friendly and intuitive environment provides high user comfort and saves both time and costs.

Additional information, summary

Get a modern, effective, and comfortable tool that covers all the daily operations of blood transfusion facilities. The solution uses centrally administered code lists and database, yet workplaces can also work independently. The solution can be easily modified in the event of changes in legislation and uses state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring its long-term sustainability.

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A powerful form solution enabling the provision of electronic services.

UPVS adaptor

Easy access to the electronic mailbox of a legal person without the need for the repeated use of an eID card.


Electronic system of reserved parking

With the aim of enabling citizens to communicate with the authority via the Internet and to file applications without the need for direct contact with the office, the iPoint form solution was implemented at the office of the Ružinov urban district.

The electronic services of the Industrial Property Office

The electronic services of the Industrial Property Office make the complete communication between the office and the end recipients of the service accessible in the form of fully-fledged electronic communication.

Implementation of an IS in the city of Banská Bystrica

The aim of the project was to considerably improve the administrative performance of the city council.
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