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The ICZ Group is an important IT provider and system integrator it offers a wide range of services reaching from consultancy, through the supply of information systems, to the complete acceptance of networks under its administration. The supply of the ICZ Group covers the areas of application software, safety, and infrastructures, mainly for the sectors of public administration, healthcare, defence, transportation, finances, production, logistics, and telecommunications. Besides the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, the ICZ group also operates in other countries.

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Our strengths



In ICZ, there are both top-class experts from the field of information technologies (analysts, programmers, implementers) and experts with deep knowledge gained in practice from varied customer environments. This mutual symbiosis of years of experience from both fields supported by a permanent feedback from specific living projects is the reason why the solutions of ICZ can be used so broadly.



The ICZ brand has already been established as a permanent market participant since 1997, i.e. for more than twenty years. And the scope of the Group, which has this brand on its signboard, is really gradually widening. Thus, every other successfully completed year confirms that the foundations on which the ICZ group is built are truly reliable and stable. Time has already proven that the vision which was created at the very beginning and gave rise to the today’s synergic group of companies is good.



The brand of ICZ has been a pioneer in many areas of information technology; the one who comes up with new ideas and paves the way onto the market for them. For instance, this involves pictorial information sharing in the healthcare sector, ePACS solutions, some software solutions for logistics, and perhaps above all, certain unique procedures for processing large nation-wide resort registers.



The individual entities that formed the ICZ Group over the years have been on the market since the beginning of the 1990s. They have thus been on the market for a truly long period, and a very successful one at that. As faithful assistants, the supplied solutions and installed systems facilitate the day-to-day work of their users. They meet present-day requirements and respect the ongoing developments at all times. Furthermore, consultants from ICZ are at hand with advice whenever it is needed. These facts are not only a clear indication of the reliability of ICZ, but also the reason why clients choose the company so often as their contractor.



The companies AMIS, DECROS, EPE, EXPRIT, Internet Servis, SA&S, and many others, are established, working successfully and independently of each other


ICZ a.s. is established with the goal of gradually integrating vital IT companies into it and thus creating a strong synergistic company


ICZ a.s. holds the first beneficiary auction ArtForum; it brings in almost CZK 350K. The money is donated to the citizens’ association Paraple


Fourteen (!) Czech IT companies (for example, AMIS, C3, ICOS, Internet Servis, and SA&S) merge into ICZ a.s.; S.ICZ is established


Two more companies merge into ICZ a.s., namely D-data and PRAGOSOFT


ICZ a.s. wins The Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe Award; it merges again, this time with the CD-FOTO BLER company;


The company moves its place of business into new spaces in Prague-Pankrác


ICZ a.s. becomes the owner of Expert & Partner engineering; the overall donated sum by the annual beneficiary auctions ArtForum has already exceeded CZK 5M


ICZ a.s. merges with EXPRIT; its portfolio is extended by voice services and telecommunications


ICZ Slovakia is founded. Then ICZ N.V. is established, and it becomes the only shareholder of ICZ a.s.


ICZ a.s. becomes the only shareholder of the ALES and DELINFO groups, and it establishes D.ICZ; at the same time, five more companies merge into ICZ Slovakia


The ICZ group systematically develops its activities abroad


The ICZ group systematically develops its activities abroad


ICZ a.s. becomes a finalist of the contest VIA BONA Award for its well-advised charitable activities that are well-balanced in the long-term


The total sum donated to subjects in need within the regular beneficiary auctions ArtForum has exceeded CZK 10M


Long-time philanthropic activities culminate in the establishing the ICZ ENDOWMENT FUND


2nd place European Logistics Association Awards; Czech Logistic Project of the Year; IBM Integration Partner of the Year


Acquisition of companies SIKS a.s. and E.ICZ a.s.; the Golden IDET award (collaboration of  ALES, DELINFO and S.ICZ)


Merger of ICZ N.V. with ICZ Holding a.s. as the successor company

Group statement

This statement is made in accordance with the provisions of Section 79, Paragraph 3 of Act No. 90/2012 Coll., On Business Corporations.

ICZ Group consists of parent company ICZ Holding a.s., which is the sole owner of ICZ a.s. and ICZ Invest a.s. The company ICZ a.s., ID no: 25145444, with its registered office at Na hřebenech II 1718/10, Nusle, 140 00 Prague 4, is the managing entity at the head of the ICZ Group, which also includes the following controlled persons: S.ICZ a.s., ID no: 26482444, Expert & Partner engineering CZ, a.s., ID no: 61859117, ALES, s.r.o., ID no: 48208388, SIKS a.s., ID no: 28213882, E.ICZ a.s., ID no : 07240091, all with registered office at Na hřebenech II 1718/10, Nusle, 140 00 Prague 4, DELINFO, spol. s r.o., ID no: 49448218, with its registered office at Londýnské náměstí 856/2, Štýřice, 639 00 Brno, ICZ Slovakia as, ID no: 36328057, D.ICZ Slovakia as, ID no: 36859320, ALES as, ID no: 36293440, all with its registered office at Soblahovská 2050, 911 01 Trenčín, Slovak Republic, ICZ Polska s.p.z.o., with its registered office at Francuzska, no. 34, 40-028 Katowice, ICZ Ukraine, with its registered office at Kiyevskiy Shlyakh 1d-2, 083 03 Boryspil, Ukraine.



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