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Targeting / Purpose of the solution, who it is good for

The SDP is designated, together with automatic detection systems, for the needs of municipal police and towns and cities with local administrative bodies. Thanks to a high level of optimisation and concentration on batch tasks in the whole offence administration process, the SDP is an optimal solution for towns and cities with numbers of processed offences ranging in the thousands and more per month. In terms of the efficiency of the user’s work, the SDP offers a unique price/performance ratio and allows for the processing of a maximum number of offences with a minimum number of administrative body assistants and municipal police officers.

Description, features, and functionality of the solution

The SDP has been in continuous development since 2005; the aim is to provide cities and towns with a universal and extremely effective system for processing data from measuring devices by all manufacturers, and for the administration of road traffic offences, which supports the comprehensive processes of infringement procedures and administration procedures in compliance with valid legislation. The SDP is always fully integrated into the customer’s environment, both in terms of implementation on site and use as a service. Together with the SDP, ICZ can supply any automated measuring device available on the Czech market. Full support of production operation is an integral part of the services provided by ICZ.

Additional information, summary

The SDP is always offered with full integration into the downstream information systems, above all third parties’ filing services and claim systems. It also includes approved access to the central register of vehicles system, to the register of inhabitants, and to the register of persons. Furthermore, the SDP has an interface for connecting to the hybrid post, to the data boxes information system, and to other systems depending on the customer’s needs. The primary idea of the whole solution is to provide a unified environment. To process a detected offence, the user works exclusively in the SDP, while the SDP controls all the linked third parties’ systems in the background.

List of products


Detection of road traffic offences and SDP administration

A complex solution for detection of road traffic offences and the management of administration procedures.


Solution for high-speed weighting

A complex solution for high-speed weigh-in-motion and for processing WIM offences.


Supply and operation of the measuring equipment and the IS of traffic offenses

Supply and support of stationary speed measurement operations and support for the solution of offenses at the level of validation by the municipal police and the management of the offense proceedings by the administrative. The information system is fully integrated into the customer environment by linking to file service, economy and external systems such as … Continued
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