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Since 1993.


Purpose of the solution

The already large portfolio of the ICZ group is enriched with a whole series of products and services from the fields of research, development, and implementation of specialized information systems and geographic information systems provided by DELFINO spol. s r.o.

Description, features and functionality of the solution

DELINFO has been active in information technologies since 1993. Since 2008, it has been a member of the ICZ group, one of the leading providers of integrated software and network solutions in Central Europe. The mainstays that characterise its activities include independence from specific IT products, maximum user support based on their needs, high quality system architecture, adaptability, and extensibility of functions. Concerning information systems, DELINFO builds on its experience with successful applications of a wide range of modern project and software technologies and tools in various areas of use, including experience with implementations of projects in cooperation with other strong foreign companies.

Additional information, summary

Employees of the company have the necessary know – how to design information systems in implementing globally recognized methodologies, managing information system development and strategic planning of information technology deployment. The company ensures the solution of the problem in a comprehensive manner by its own employees; from analysis to solution design, programming, testing, training and implementation at the customer, including building a long-term relationship in terms of guarantees and further development.



Information system for command and control

ICZ*DELINFOS has been developed with respect to the specifications of Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP) baseline 3.1. as a tool for C4ISR in AOO.

Tactical Command and Control System of Ground Forces

Staff Command and Control Information System

The subsystem of DELINFOS is dedicated to support command and control on the workstations within the LAN on the command posts of the task force. SC2IS contains modules and applications enabling effective data preparation, processing, sharing and distribution within the command post or among them.

Battle Management System (BMS)

Situational Awareness and Message Terminal

The key advantage of this module is maximal automation of the Situational Awareness generation, simplified operation, which allows information exchange without delay by means of the touch screen.

Dismounted Soldier System (DSS)

Battle Digital Assistant

It has been dedicated to support basic command and control functions of the users, who use a stand-alone workstation as a part of their individual equipment. BADIAN’s applications can be operated on a commercial or ruggedized PDA/Smartphone.

Integration of sensors

The C2 system supports sensors from a wide area of army forces such as:

Combat (weapon and platform sensors) (Product sheet)

Artillery (Product sheet)

CBRN (Product sheet)

Intelligence (ISR) (Product sheet)

Night Vision (Product sheet)

Medical (Product sheet)

Air – via ADatP-3


Different communication protocols are implemented in particular on the BMVIS/SAMET/BADIAN part:

DICOM RF 13xx, 20xx.

Harris AN/PRC 117F/G, AN/PRC 152, RF 7800S.

Thales 148 MBITR/JEMM.

Satellite services – BGAN, Inmarsat, Iridium.


The Military Decision Making Procces (MDMP)

Planning operations

It serves to support the planning process for the training of staff at the battalion-brigade level.

MIP Interoperability

Multilateral Interoperability Programme

One of the prerequisites for the deployment of ICZ*DELINFOS in a multinational environment is the enourance of the ability to exchange information and the provision of services, which is generally referred to as interoperability. Currently, NATO focuses on Multilateral Interoperability Program (MIP).

Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3)

The interactive virtual simulation

DELINFO can be your experienced partner in interactive virtual simulation. As it was involved in the Czech Army project „Tactical training in small units“. DELINFO has a skilled personnel for its own development within VBS3 (Virtual Battle Space) from Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim, AUS).


Military Research Institute

Firmware and Information
panel for S-LOV-CBRN
and LOV-CBRN II vehicles

Military Technical Institute

Cooperation on
projects concerning
vehicles & platforms

CZ Ministry of Defence

Ground Force Command
and Control Information System


Cooperation on projects
concerning the Ground Force
combat vehicles implementation

Military Technical Institute

Cooperation on
projects concerning
Ground & Air Force C2 Systems