Electronic system of reserved parking

  • Client: The local authority of Bratislava - Ruzinov
  • Date: 2010
  • Place: Bratislava - Ruzinov, Slovak Republic
  • Implementing entity: ICZ Slovakia a. s.

With the aim of enabling citizens to communicate with the authority via the Internet and to file applications without the need for direct contact with the office, ICZ Slovakia implemented the iPoint form solution at the office of the Ružinov urban district, which provides the citizens with electronic services focused on the issue of static parking in the urban district. The solution enables citizens to file applications for new parking places (hereinafter referred to as the “PP”), prolong their PP tenancy, change their data in the register of PP lessees, and to terminate their PP tenancy. Each change is registered and displayed in the GIS system (Geographic Information System).

In addition to the benefits for citizens, the computerisation of this service leads to a higher efficiency of the city with respect to this activity and to the easier and more transparent allotment of parking places to the citizens.