Educational and Information Centre (EIC): E-learning

  • Client: Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic
  • Date: Since 2008, system changeover in 2016 - 2017
  • Place: Czech Republic
  • Implementing ICZ entity: S.ICZ a.s.

The Educational and Information Centre project was originally designed to meet the requirements arising from Act No 412/2005, on the Protection of Classified Information and on Security Eligibility, in the field of education and regular training for more than 3,900 users. In 2015, the EIC project was extended to user administration: certificate of legal capacity, copies of identity cards, extract from the criminal records, information about instructions, NSA certificates including the date of issue of security checks, expiry dates of security checks, automatic notification of expiration, list of classified information assigned to the user and a register of all security tools. Since the advent of Act No 181/2014, on Cyber Security, the e-learning system has been reworked so that a separate part of the system provides all the necessary information for education in the specific security area and, at the same time, so that all employees of the justice department can complete the ICT security tests at regular intervals.