Project – Modernization of workstations of the LETVIS system at RCC for LPS Bratislava

Another project of ALES a.s. was successfully completed in the spring of 2023 for Letové prevádzkové služby SR, š. p. (hereafter referred to as LPS). The contract was signed in April 2022 and installations with successfully completed FAT tests took place in the autumn of the same year. The following trial run and SAT tests at the customer’s site were carried out without any problems and the project was completed according to the approved schedule in the spring of 2023.

The aim was to supply a new generation of the LETVIS system, specifically the AWS and CWS workstations software, to the RCC workplace, as per the customer’s requirements. The main task of the system is to coordinate the individual elements of the Search and Rescue system (hereafter referred to as SAR) in order to use them in a case of emergency.

The original system has been used in the Czech Air Navigation Services in Prague since 1999, then in the Slovak Rescue Coordination Center in Bratislava, and from 2001 the system was also used by the Slovak Armed Forces. In 2012, it was also deployed in the Slovak Coordination Center in Bratislava. The current project for LPS Bratislava is launching a new generation module under the name ICZ LETVIS AWS (ALERT WARNING SYSTEM), and the commercial director of ALES, Mr. Jiří Kupka, adds:

“The immediate positive reactions from our strategic customer confirm that the new AWS module has a high potential to succeed not only in domestic markets, but also in those international ones where the SAR concept is being developed and used, both by civilian and military clients.

Our company benefits from more than 30 years of experience supplying ATM systems to both civilian and military entities whose systems interoperate with each other in 24/7/365 mode. For ALES, the much-discussed issue of “Interoperability” is not a novelty but rather a daily practice. I am pleased that users of our systems are beginning to appreciate this more and more when working with ALES.”

ICZ LETVIS AWS is designed to operate in integrated civilian and military facilities. The main part of the system is the equipment for the SAR ground control and coordination centre, namely the AWS workstation and the CWS workstation. It provides the SAR operators with an integrated and updated airspace containing GAT and OAT traffic data, weather developments, geographic and other environmental data to create a decision support database and use it to help effectively evaluate flight courses, to support search and rescue operations. Thus, operators using ICZ LETVIS AWS, can provide a coordination interface for a given area of ​​responsibility.

ALES a.s. project team ensured the problem-free implementation of the project, moreover, the time schedule allowed for training of new colleagues, who directly performed the project tasks and bolstered the team by their newly-gained expertise. We continue our close cooperation with our strategic customer LPS SR, š. p. and are already implementing another new project.