Healthcare Image Record Processing

A flexible solution for health image documentation

The new PACS – ICZ FlexServer Archive solution generation is based on the tried-and-tested solution widely used in the Czech Republic for obtaining, saving and exchanging image records within one or more healthcare institutions. ICZ also provides a unique world-class DICOM web viewer, DicompassW.


.The PACS solution fully covers the needs of digital operations of healthcare institutions, and ensures comfortable saving, searching, and evaluation of the stored data. This modern solution, which decreases patient radiation exposure and increases the quality and speed of their treatment, also decreases the institution’s costs. The system can be quickly implemented in any healthcare institution, from private surgeries to university hospitals and large solutions covering entire regions thanks to the modular compilation of the individual solutions. 


ICZ AMIS*PACS represents a complete family of products for the whole range of activities when working with image formats (DICOM) and multimedia such as video, sound, photographic records or PDFs. All the products focus on telemedicinal tasks and HealthShare. Compact all-in-one solution variants of both software and hardware, designed as single harmonic “plug-and-play” solutions, are also part of the portfolio of services provided by ICZ. Advantages include easy implementation and the possibility to choose a variant for small-scale workplaces as well as backup solutions or robust and complex solutions for large-scale healthcare institutions. ICZ also provides solutions for scientific research-oriented purposes.


The product range also includes a first-class specialized educational and research PACS solution − Science PACS – which is primarily intended for scientific and university workplaces. One benefit of all PACS solutions is that they can be easily interconnected into the ePACS® national project for safe image record exchange. The new web browser from ICZ ranks amongst the world’s top PACS browsers. DicompassW supports all 2D browser agendas with the capabilities of a 3D browser, including MPR and MIP support, and choice of cross-section width.


ICZ AMIS*PACS FlexServer g2

A flexible solution for health image documentation


DICOM healthshare and communication platform


Hight-tech PACS solution for Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute

Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute  in Brno is a comprehensive cancer center where all necessary medicinal specialists are located at one place to provide complex oncological treatment of solid tumors in adults. ICZ implemented highly-scalable, distributed radiology solution that drives performance for all types of healthcare and enables full digital DICOM managing for all departements.

PACS for Military University Hospital Prague

The Military University Hospital (ÚVN) Prague is a training, educational and professional medical facility of the Army of the Czech Republic. ICZ implemented complex, hight-tech PACS solution for complex DICOM management.

PACS for General University Hospital in Prague

We are implementing a PACS which is extraordinary in terms of its scope and spectrum of functionality at General University Hospital in Prague.

ePACS project

ICZ is the technical solution provider for an extraordinary national project through which several hundred health care facilities throughout the Czech Republic exchange radiodiagnostic information. It is a major e-health care project in the Czech Republic.
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