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Aim / purpose of the solution, who it is good for

There is no good management and successful business in ICT without suitable project management. ICZ has extensive experience in this area, and its qualified experts can help with projects that involve all IS architecture layers, from communication and technological infrastructures, through data and application infrastructures, to business processes that will meet the expectations and goals of clients. ICZ can also provide its clients with experts, know-how, or with a different and independent viewpoint if the client does not have these internally available.

Features, characteristics, and funcionality of the solution

Project management is an inseparable part of change management, as well as of the enterprise as such. There are several frameworks that employ tried-and-tested processes, standardize related activities, and provide methodological support. Project managers from ICZ understand such frameworks, above all PRINCE2 and IPMA, which are the most commonly used frameworks today. As a result, the client is assured that their project is managed in the most effective and proven way based on best practices. The company stresses not only qualifications but also soft skills, which are a prerequisite for good interpersonal communication and teamwork.

Additional information, summary

In the references, you can find ICT projects implemented by the company. The scope of the projects is wide, and so is the know-how of the project managers, who have dealt with a wide range of ICT issues. Thanks to this experience, they are flexible and able to implement projects – regardless of the IT area they relate to – with the required quality and within the given time schedule and predicted costs.

If a client only wants a SW tool for project management, ICZ is ready to present such a tool together with its partners, to customize the tool, and to integrate it into the client’s environment.

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