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Besides working on the required outputs, implementing an ICT project involves a lot of paperwork, which in turn requires a lot of human resources to be allocated to the given project. ICZ helps reduce these resource requirements. Thanks to the implementation of large projects, prevailingly financed from EU funds, ICZ has also improved its analytic and consultation activities. ICZ offers feasibility studies, assistance in the processing of forms for the department of the chief architect, enterprise architecture, information concepts, strategies, and other particulars resulting from the use of information systems.

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Today, ICT projects with specific cost criteria implemented by public administration entities have to be approved by the department of the chief architect of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. Hence it is necessary to plan and create related analytical documents in the context of eGovernment shared services as well as to take account of both the current and future forms of the central service point, cyber security, open data, eIDAS, GDPR and other contexts arising from the Strategic Framework for Development of the Public Administration of the Czech Republic 2014 – 2020 and of the architectural plan of the public administration of the Czech Republic.

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From the references provided on the ICZ website, it is evident that the company is highly involved in the building of Czech eGovernment, mainly through central information systems that ICZ has either created or been involved in their development. As a result, ICZ understands the legislative requirements and other related issues resulting from activities in public administration; during implementation of both small and large-scale software solutions, methodologies, information concepts, frameworks, and IT strategies, ICZ is able to provide customers with the relevant level of analytic and consultancy services.

Feasibility studies for ICT projects financed from EU funds, information concepts and strategies compliant with legislative requirements, enterprise architecture, and forms for the department of the chief architect.
Analytic and Consultation Services
Analytic and Consultation Services - eHealth, eGovernment, logistics, air traffic control, IS security, ICT.
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Analytic and Consultation Services - IT legislation compliance


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