The completion of the information system of the National Blood Transfusion Service of the Slovak Republic

  • Client: National Blood Transfusion Service of the Slovak Republic
  • Date: 2011 - 2013
  • Place: Slovak Republic
  • Implementing entity: ICZ Slovakia a. s.

Within this project, the task of ICZ Slovakia was to create an integrated information system with centralised information sharing and to secure its maximum safety and availability at the workplaces of the National Blood Transfusion Service throughout the Slovak Republic. Sixteen workplaces from all over the Slovak Republic were connected to the system in total; nowadays, the new structure comprises 3 processing centres, 11 blood donation centres and 2 contractual workplaces, which were formerly independent units. After the implementation of the solution, all those workplaces of the NBTS communicate via the central register. This interconnection increases the work efficiency of  the individual workplaces, makes their work easier and decreases the number of duplicated examinations. An important advantage is that the Rubín application may be used on trips to blood donors outside the centre. The current solution works on the basis of synchronising the up-to-date database before the trip and uploading the data into the local IS Rubín of the respective workplace upon return. Such a solution is reliable and has minimal requirements for operation.

Thanks to the architecture designed, the system mechanisms of the project enable the full working performance of the NBTS even in exceptional situations. In the case of a global Internet connection failure in the territory of the Slovak Republic, the system would continue providing up-to-date central data.