Factory Acceptance Test of the ICZ LETVIS system for international airport in the UAE was successfully completed at ALES

In August of this year, at the ALES a.s. branch in Liptovský Mikuláš, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was carried out with the participation of a long-standing customer and a representative of UAE business partner of ALES.

This is already the second project for our company in this prosperous Arab country. The new ATC system called ICZ LETVIS will be deployed at Fujairah International Airport (FIA), which serves not only as the main international and regional transport hub for the Emirate of Fujairah, however also as a backup airport for one of the largest airports in the world – Dubai International Airport.

Company ALES a.s. adjusted its Air Traffic Control System according to customer requirements and, in addition, incorporated the “Electronic Flight Strip” technology (digital planning subsystem using touch screen) into ICZ LETVIS. Our entire modular system was developed based on ICAO and EUROCONTROL regulations and recommendations and thus meets the strictest requirements for safe Air Traffic Control.

In Liptovský Mikuláš, the overall functionality of the system, individual SW modules, processing and display of flight data, technical monitoring, recording, archiving of records and all components of the delivery were tested on prepared polygon. The FAT was successfully completed ahead of schedule on 10 August 2022 by signing of the FAT protocols by all representatives of the parties involved.

We expect that the complete system will be installed at Fujairah International Airport this year and the final Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) will be carried out in the UAE.