Expansion of the LETVIS SIM air traffic generator with the AGDL

In autumn 2022, another project of ALES a.s. for a stable customer: Air traffic services of the Slovak Republic was successfully completed.  The contract was signed in 2021 and deployment at the customer’s site with successful testing took place in August 2022.

Project: Expansion of the LETVIS SIM air traffic generator with the AGDL (Air-Ground Data Link) function.

According to the legislative requirements of the European Commission, data link services (AGDL) have to be used in the part of the European airspace from flight level (FL) 285 above. Our ICZ LETVIS SIM system is used for training air traffic controllers, which simulates radar information, information about flight plans, obtained by  own processing and their subsequent generation and display.

As part of the mentioned project, the ICZ LETVIS SIM system was supplemented with the function of a simulated ground-to-air data link for training purposes with characteristics similar to real operation. In addition to the implementation of new functions, the simulation server, instructor stations and pseudo-pilot stations were modified. The simulator was also extended by AFTN, FMTP – ICAO, ADEXP interface. In the project, the phase of integration tests directly at the customer´s premises proved to be successful.

With strategic customer LPS SR, š. p. we continue to implement other  projects.