ALES successfully completed the contract “LETVIS upgrade”

In recent days, the company ALES, s.r.o. successfully completed the contract of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic from 29/03/2021 “LETVIS upgrade”, on which it collaborated with the Military Technical Institute. The subject of the contract was the modernization of the LETVIS air traffic control information system at the military airfields of the Czech Army and at the 26th Command, Control and Reconnaissance Regiment in conjunction with the introduction of the TopSky system at the civilian Air Traffic Control. Both systems were interconnected in such a way that it is possible to transfer reports on individual flights between them, and it is also possible to transfer flights between civil and military air traffic control stations. At the same time, the LETVIS system was modified to reflect the requirements of developments in the field of cyber security. It has once again been proven in practice that ALES is a qualified and reliable supplier whose services the Army of the Czech Republic as a user has long been satisfied with.