Intralogistics and production

To increase the performance of production and logistics processes, it is important both to know their actual progress and to be able to actively change and optimize this process. Ensuring these requirements is the role of ICZ’s specialized information solutions – solution for warehouse management and enterprise intralogistics and solution for collecting and evaluating production data. In addition, we will be glad to help you with the optimization of existing or design of the new warehouse processes.

The growing demands for quality, speed, and flawlessness of supplies of materials, semi-finished products and products can only be met by means of a quality solution with full operational support. Since ICZ develops the solution itself, it can be adapted to concrete processes and their specifics.

In addition to products, production plants also produce data every day; these can become a quality source of information providing they are properly evaluated. Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to connect even an old machine to the company network and to gain a more comprehensive view.