Collection and Evaluation of Production Data

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Targeting / Purpose of the solution, who it is good for

The solution is intended for the collection and subsequent processing of data obtained from production and logistics processes. Thanks to its architecture, independence from a database environment, and the use of standard data interface creation tools, it enables the operational acquisition, evaluation, and transfer of all the required information about the current state and course of production. The system is designed to be a modular and scalable solution whose functionality can be adapted to the nature of the production process, its automation level, and its specific monitoring and evaluation requirements.

Description, features, and functionality of the solution

Thanks to standard interfaces, two-way data connections can be created using both the control systems of the technological processes and the cooperating company applications. The open nature of the system together with the use of object-oriented methods in its design and implementation allow for the mutual combinations of basic system functions and extensions and thus the required properties resulting from detailed analysis of the application environment carried out during the project preparation phase. The obtained data can be processed within the system or transferred to the relevant company applications for further use.

Additional information, summary

The main advantages of the solution are obtaining current and reliable data about the state and course of production and material flows, the minimization of errors arising during data acquisition thanks to the use of automatic identification, and the acquisition of materials for production traceability in both directions.  Thanks to this ICZ solution, which provides an overall image of the production situation, companies are able to regulate their resources so that they are used most efficiently.

List of products


Manufacturing Execution system

Software product designed to collect and subsequently process data from production and logistics processes. Due to it’s architecture, database enviroment independence and the use of standard tools for creating data interfaces, ti can operatively retrieve, evaluate and pass on all necessary information about the current state and course of production.


Production tracking

Implementation of data collection system on the production process, including data connection with the JD Edwards information system. Comprehensive delivery of hardware (server, stationary terminals, readers), software and related services.
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