Upgrade of the information system of the blood transfusion ward

  • Client: SNP Military University Hospital Ružomberok
  • Date: 2016
  • Place: Ružomberok, Slovak Republic
  • Implementing entity: ICZ Slovakia a. s.

In 2016, ICZ Slovakia upgraded the original information system of the blood transfusion ward of the SNP Military University Hospital in Ružomberok; it was replaced with a modern information system – Rubín. The haematology and blood transfusion ward offers a complete range of haematological examinations. The blood transfusion part organises blood donation and produces, stores and distributes blood and blood derivatives. The new information system covers the work of the blood transfusion ward completely, from the entire process of producing a blood transfusion product to its release. The solution also comprised securing the transfer of data on blood transfusion medication from the warehouse of the blood transfusion ward of the Military University Hospital to the warehouse of the State Material Reserves and the complete support of mobile trips to donors outside the blood transfusion centre. The application was integrated with the third parties’ systems (the Clinicom hospital IS and Pharmacy IS).