Increasing safety in mine-clearance in the Brcko District

  • Client: Department of Public and Civil Security of the Brcko District
  • Date: 2008 - 2009
  • Place: Brco District, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Implementing entity: ICZ Slovakia a. s.

The goal of the project for the mine-clearance team of the section of Civil Defence of the Department of the Public and Civil Defence in the Brcko District in Bosnia and Herzegovina was to modernize the technological infrastructures, to decrease risks and to increase safety during mine-clearance works in the field.

The Mobile Field Force (MFF) technology was used as a suitable technological solution; it is intended for a safe and efficient planning, monitoring, management and evaluation of mine-clearance works in the  Brcko District.

The technical and technological design was based on dispatching the works in the field. All works carried out in the field are recorded by the MFF communication technology, including the time stamp, state, and position of the mine-clearance team in the field; this information is displayed in the supplied map sources or in other connected systems (e.g. GIS) in real time or retrospectively. The  MFF solution also includes functions for external controller support, which allows the controller to choose the most suitable solution for the respective situation in the field in minimized time after carefully considering all the related conditions. Another important value added by the MFF solution is that the administrative load associated with the performance of the field works is decreased thanks to the transition to an electronic form of documents.

The project was implemented within the call by the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (SAMRS), and it was financed from the funds of the SlovakAid grant of Slovak development aid.