Digitalization of paper documents in PSS, a.s.

  • Client: Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa, a. s.
  • Date: 2013 - 2014
  • Place: Slovak Republic
  • Implementing entity: ICZ Slovakia a. s.

Thanks to the implementation of the project comprising the automated recognition of paper forms and the subsequent processing and management of electronic form circulation, more than two million document pages are digitalized in the company of PSS per year. Besides the primary effect of the digitalization, the solution also brings a considerable shortening of the time necessary for the conclusion of new insurance agreements and a decrease in both the error rate and the operational costs.

During the first stage of the implementation, ICZ Slovakia analysed the existing forms and then implemented them into the solution. The system recognises the defined data arrays in the forms and processes them automatically; currently, about 10 basic types of forms are processed automatically. The accessibility of documents and the possibility to search for them in the electronic archive are another benefit of the solution.

The supplied solution completely replaces the original logic of processing documents delivered via mail or fax with the subsequent entering of information and indexation data into the information systems of the home loan and savings bank. Furthermore, it is designed to allow for the future processing of more types of documents or for potential changes in the draft of the existing documents.