Modernization of LETVIS for Search and Rescue Service of ANSP in Slovakia, LPS SR š.p.

ALES a. s. has been awarded a contract to modernize the LETVIS system at the environment of the search and rescue service by RCC Bratislava (Rescue Coordination Centre). The contract with ANSP in Slovakia, LPS SR š. p. has been signed in April 2022. RCC Bratislava is responsible for the effective organization and coordination of search and rescue activities in the Slovak Republic. The centre uses the most modern means and technologies, including the LETVIS system, which provides search and rescue services as efficient as possible. The centre is one of the best equipped workplaces in the world. The LETVIS modernization project at RCC will bring the customer the efficient use of available geographic information and map services to support automated search and coordination of search and rescue. The transition of LETVIS workstations to the new generation of ICZ LETVIS software will also streamline and supplement the functions of the user interface intended for RCC operators. ICZ LETVIS system modules for RCC the company ALES a. s. develops mainly for the needs of RCC Bratislava based on requirements defined by the staff of the centre. ALES a. s. is a long-term partner of LPS SR š. p. and looks forward to working on this new project, so to speak at home.