Agenda Type Information System

Custom Development – ARDP

With regard to reccurence of a number of procedures and principles in the areas of analysis, design and development of information systems, we build on basis of knowledge, procedures and software modules in order to efficiently and quickly deliver software systems to our customers. We call this base ARDP (Agenda Rapid Development Platform).

Purpose of the solution

Based on ARDP, we design and implement agenda-type information systems focused on centralized data registration (structured and unstructured) in order to support other processes of a company that use such recorded data. The solution is suitable for companies that want to implement a custom IS with uniform principles – administration and management of registered data, management of access rights, ensuring quality of registered data using “business rules” and audit support.

Characteristics, properties and functionality

The basic mission of the ARDP-based information system is to provide centralized records of required data, typically according to agendas (eg. entities, loans, contracts, collateral, insurance), in close integration with authorization management and DMS for records and document processing. An integral part of the information system is support in keeping audit records to find out specific activities of a user in the system, including versioning of registered data and traceability of required data. Architecture of the information system is open to further development both at the level of functional expansion of agendas (product modeling, approval, sanction lists, AML, GDPR) and in the form of integration with other customer systems.